Fluid Dynamic and Energy Systems Simulation

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) plays nowadays an important role in the design and testing of equipment for various industrial applications. It is used to numerically simulate with the help of computers the governing laws of fluid dynamics.
CFD can be used as stand-alone analysis or in conjunction with experimental testing.

Some examples of CFD activities of the AirLab Group are here listed:

 – Internal (water) and external (air) flow and temperature fields
 – Conjugate heat transfer in the solid
 – Local and mean convective and radiative heat transfer coefficients

Chemical hoods
 – Airflow optimization
 – Reduction of pressure drop and electrical consumption

Preservation of Cultural Heritage
 – Simulation of moist air flow inside the Refectory of “Santa Maria delle Grazie” in Milan
 – Evaluation of possible harmful consequences of particulate deposition on the “Last Supper” of Leonardo

Operating Room
 – Optimization of air flow distribution
 – Optimization of pollutants concentration

Fluid dynamics for surgery
 – simulation of air and temperature distribution inside a nose

Industrial applications
 – Conjugate heat transfer (solid and fluid)
 – Coupling with ray-tracing simulations for heat flux distribution

Multiphase flows with chemical reactions
 – Scrubbers for SO2 removal
 – Absorption and Adsorption phenomena

Contact person: Luca Marocco