Sorption Devices and Materials

Devices based on sorption materials are key components in desiccant evaporative cooling systems. They can be effectively used in innovative AHUs to manage the latent load by exploiting heat from low temperature sources. In this field, research challenges mainly deal with the study of new devices and materials to reduce regeneration temperature and increase sorption capacity. Our skills concern:

– Optimization, design and prototyping of innovative components based on sorption materials (plates, fin and tube, packed and rotative devices) for air dehumidification and humidification, enthalpy recovery and heat/moisture storage for integration with IEC systems.

– Development of thermochemical heat storage systems.

– Experimental test of commercial and innovative devices.

– Development of phenomenological models, computational fluid dynamics simulations and simplified correlations to predict performance of commercial and innovative devices.

– Development and experimental characterization of innovative desiccant materials.