Heat Driven and Innovative Air Handling Units

In summer condition, heat driven AHUs, based on desiccant evaporative cooling cycles, can play a significant role in the reduction of primary energy consumption. Their use is of particular interest in combination with low temperature heat sources, such as heat rejected from prime movers (trigenerative systems), district heating, renewable sources and industrial waste heat. In addition, innovative air handling units with separated control of sensible and latent loads can be particularly efficient in air conditioning systems operating in summer conditions and in several industrial applications. Anyway, system performance is strongly related to boundary conditions and, therefore, appropriate components arrangement and control logic should be properly evaluated. Our competences, at system level, deal with:

– Design, energy analysis and optimization of heat driven and innovative AHU based on desiccant evaporative cooling cycles.

– Optimization of coupling of AHU with different heat sources and technologies and buildings loads – Evaluation and optimization of system control logic.