The DEC_Lab rig is designed to provide two air streams at accurate controlled conditions of temperature, humidity and flow in order to test different components, such as static and rotative heat exchangers, indirect evaporative coolers, desiccant based devices and other equipment.  Temperature and humidity are properly controlled through heating coils, cooling coils and evaporative coolers, in order to reach most typical working conditions of investigated devices. One air stream unit is equipped with additional electrical heaters to increase flow temperature up to 90°C. The two airflows can reach different maximum flow rates, equal around 1400 m3/h and 2000 m3/h. The test rig can be customized to measure performance in particular operating conditions or of a specific component/system.

Temperature is measured through several RTD PT100 sensors (+/- 0.2°C at 20°C), relative humidity by capacitive sensors (+/- 1% at 20°C), dew point through chilled mirror hygrometer (+/- 0.2°C)  and pressure drop by piezoelectric transmitters (+/- 0.5% of reading +/-1 Pa). Volumetric flow rates are set by variable speed fans and are measured across orifice plates and measured through orifice plates and ducts constructed according to DIN EN ISO 5167-2 standards. The air supply temperature can be set approximately between 15°C and 90°C. The humidity ratio of the airflows can range from 3-4 g/kg to 20 g/kg (the value is influenced by the external air conditions).

Contact person: Stefano De Antonellis